'Shoah' Director Claude Lanzmann Accused of Sexual Harassment at Israeli Airport

The French filmmaker was briefly questioned at Ben-Gurion airport after making unwanted advances to a female security officer.

Shoah director Claude Lanzmann has been detained at Israel's Ben-Gurion airport for allegedly sexually harassing a female security agent on Tuesday night, according to Israeli police reports Wednesday.

The French director was said to have attempted to kiss the security agent and “took her by surprise” when she accompanied him to a ticket counter, French newspaper Le Figaro reported.

The incident occurred before Lanzmann’s flight back to Paris from Ben-Gurion airport, known for its thorough security checks. Police questioning lasted for far less time than Lanzmann’s 9.5-hour 1985 Holocaust documentary and the director was allowed to board the plane to head back to his native France on Tuesday night. 

The 86 year-old filmmaker is still hard at work, having recently released The Karski Report, a 49-minute cinematic essay focusing on resistance fighter Jan Karski made from never-before-seen footage from Shoah

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