Shock and Awe: Kim Kardashian's Latest Magazine Cover Isn't a Tabloid (Video)

Kim Kardashian CR Fashion Book Issue 3 High res - P 2013
Karl Lagerfeld

Kim Kardashian CR Fashion Book Issue 3 High res - P 2013

UPDATED: The new mom won a coveted place in the fashion world, covering the September issue of editrix extraordinaire Carine Roitfeld's CR Fashion Book — "In Europe, we find her interesting."

NEW YORK — Carine Roitfeld, the longtime editor of Paris Vogue who now helms her own namesake fashion glossy, is the epitome of sexy, understated, Parisian-fueled androgyny and a fashion icon worldwide. Kim Kardashian, is, uh, not. So it surprised some people when Kanye’s baby mama -- who had an outfit choice compared to an ugly sofa earlier this year -- showed up on the September cover of CR Fashion Book, Roitfeld’s slick, biannual magazine.

Roitfeld admits that her latest cover star -- who happened to be shot by Karl Lagerfeld -- is indeed an "unexpected" choice.

“I know in the U.S. [Kim] isn’t well liked,” Roitfeld tells The Hollywood Reporter. “But in Europe, we find her interesting. She has become a friend.”

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The middle Kardashian does make a brief cameo in Mademoiselle C, the documentary that profiles the creation of Roitfeld’s now year-old magazine and hits select U.S. theaters on September 11. Getting even more screen time is Kardashian's other-half Kanye West, who is filmed anxiously explaining his nerves to the calm editrix just before the spring 2012 Paris Fashion Week presentation of his apparel collection. The multihyphenate rapper also did a quick drive-by at the end of the THR-sponsored Mademoiselle C premiere afterparty at New York's Four Seasons restaurant on Friday night. 

Another mutual friend in the Roitfeld-West-Kardashian drum circle is Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci, who too appears in the Fabien Constant-directed documentary and famously got flack for the, uh, unflattering floral dress he designed for the then-pregnant reality star to wear to the Met Ball in May.

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But Roitfeld is known for shaking up the status quo, having been the driving force behind Tom Ford’s provocative early Gucci campaigns (“G”-shaped down-there-hair, anyone?) and using voluptuous, anti-high-fashion model Kate Upton as her first CR Fashion Book cover girl last September.

Love Kardashian or not, it's exactly that devil-may-care attitude (combined, of course, with the anti-Devil Wears Prada nature for which she’s known and the above mentioned effortless style) that keeps Roitfeld a reigning queen of fashion’s cool creative class.

As she perfectly poses to THR: “Why do something ordinary?”

Watch the behind-the-scene video below, of an eight months pregnant Kardashian with Lagerfeld, who shot the cover, along with Tisci, who directed, and Roitfeld.

Video credit: Fabien Constant, director of Mademoiselle C, for CR Fashion Book