Shonda Rhimes Responds to Intolerance Over "Gay Scenes" in Her TV Shows


"There are no gay scenes," Rhimes writes. "There are scenes with people in them"

Shonda Rhimes has been lauded for her nuanced portrayals of minority characters on television. This includes Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, as well as How to Get Away With Murder, the latter of which she executive produces alongside creator Peter Nowalk. Recently, both Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder have garnered attention for their sex scenes involving gay men.

On Sunday, Rhimes responded to a Twitter user who criticized these scenes. "The gay scenes in Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder are too much. There is no point, and they add nothing to the plot," wrote the user. "What gay scenes?" replied Rhimes.

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The showrunner retweeted a few supportive tweets from fans and then wrote, "Someone got me all riled up and fighting 4 my friends and their love and the equality of all — I am supposed to be WRITING." She ended the conversation by adding, "I love all you Tweeples. Even the ones who still need to grow. And remember that at some point, someone discriminated against you too. I don't know why this kind of hate is out there. Ugh. #onelove. At least in Shondaland. Have a great rest of your weekend!"