Gunman Opens Fire Near Hollywood's ArcLight Theater (Video)

Hollywood Vine Shooting Dec 9 News - H 2011

Hollywood Vine Shooting Dec 9 News - H 2011

UPDATED: The suspect allegedly fired between 9 and 12 shots at the intersection of Sunset and Vine on Friday morning before being shot and killed by police, according to reports.

A gunman randomly opened fire at the intersection of Sunset and Vine in Los Angeles on Friday morning. The suspect was shot and killed by police, according to a report by the AP. After running out of bullets, he allegedly pulled out a knife shouting, "Kill me" and "I want to be killed."

The incident occurred at approximately 10:19 am on Dec. 9 near the ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood. The area was subsequently closed down as police arrived at the scene.

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A spokesperson in the Hollywood office of the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that there was an officer involved in the shooting, but couldn't confirm the suspect was dead. The spokesperson characterized the incident as a "random shooting." According to LA Weekly, LAPD officer Gregory Baek said that the suspect was found dead at the scene.

According to an LA Times source, bystanders enlisted the help of two nearby police officers after witnessing a man open fire in the street. The officers were reportedly working on a nearby movie set. A separate witness told KABC-TV that he heard between nine and 12 shots. The man allegedly walked northbound on Vine Street with a gun pointing up in the air, when traffic began coming by, he lowered the gun and aimed it at the cars passing by.

UPDATE: ArcLight Cinema's remains open for the evening, informing guests that while the Vine entrance is closed until 8 p.m. PT, the theater can be accessed using Ivar Street.

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