Shooting prompts 'Grey's Anatomy' advisory

ABC warning precedes episode echoing Baltimore deaths

Eerie parallels between the shocking murders Thursday at Baltimore's Johns Hopkins Hospital and the storylines of a "Grey's Anatomy" episode rebroadcast that night prompted ABC to run an advisory before the program.

The New York Times noted the warning read, "Due to today's news events and the depiction of graphic violence in the following program, viewer discretion is advised."

ABC also gave its stations the option to run a different episode of "Anatomy." But The Baltimore Sun reported that WMAR-TV, ABC's affiliate in Baltimore, ran the episode and the advisory.

In the episode in question, a gunman angry with the death of his wife in the hospital storms the building and shoots people, including Derek Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey, before turning the gun on himself. Virtually the same scenario played at Hopkins early Thursday.