Shooting in Rome to cost more

10% hike in costs to help refurbish Roman locations

L'AQUILA, Italy -- Filmmakers and ad companies looking to shoot in the Italian capital can expect to add around 10% to their location budget, according to information released Wednesday from the city government.

The Eternal City is already one of the most expensive European capitals in terms of the fees required to shoot around the city's myriad churches, plazas, and monuments. Now the costs will be higher, with the extra cash used to help refurbish and maintain those areas.

Rome's city government has been fighting the image that it is less open to the film industry ever since Gianni Alemanno became mayor last year on a campaign charging that predecessor Walter Veltroni gave too much importance to the Rome International Film Festival, which Veltroni helped found.

No word yet on the exact formula to be used to calculate the new fees or when the changes will go into effect but officials indicated the changes would amount to about a 10% increase over current fee levels.