Shooting Star: Orsi Toth


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Born in Bekescsaba in southeastern Hungary, actress Orsi Toth graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Drama and Film in 2004. During her time there she starred in "Pleasant Days," directed by compatriot Kornel Mundruczo, which won her several awards and led to roles in Mundruczo's subsequent films, including the FIPRESCI award-winning "Delta," which screened In Competition at Cannes in 2008. Toth also stars in the upcoming feature "Lourdes," directed by Austrian Jessica Hausner.

The Hollywood Reporter: What has been your most challenging role to date?

Orsi Toth: All of them were equally challenging. For me, the challenge is that you always aspire to be honest and accurate.

THR: So far you have mainly worked in local films from your region. Would you like to work further afield with international filmmakers?

Toth: That's true, although I have already taken part in a couple of foreign productions. I think most of the time the roles find us, and it's not us who choose them. So far, I've played mainly in art and experimental films, but anything can happen in the future.

THR: How much did it help your career by having a film In Competition at Cannes? Did it raise your profile on the international scene?

Toth: Every international gathering is a good occasion to show yourself and get to know people with whom you can possibly work with in future. To my mind, these kinds of gatherings are very important for an actor, because if they don't know about you, they cannot think of you for roles. In Cannes, they paid great attention to us.

THR: Who are role models for you in terms of actors or directors?

Toth: There are many of them who interest, attract or fascinate me, but I don't have any particular ideal or model.

THR: What are your future projects?

Toth: I am rehearsing and playing in more theater performances at the moment. I have been invited to appear in different film and theater productions, but it is too early to say more about them.