Shooting Star profile: Elio Germano


After winning a David di Donatello Best Actor award for his role in Daniele Luchetti's highly regarded "Mio Fratello e Figlio Unico" (My Brother is an Only Child), most Italian film buffs finally know who Elio Germano is. But the 27-year-old has been one of Italy's hardest working actors for years, with nearly three dozen television and silver screen acting credits to his name in a career that started at age 12. Living in Rome with a love of acting and another for travel, Germano talked about his selection as a Shooting Stars nominee the day he returned from a monthlong vacation in Argentina.

The Hollywood Reporter: What has been your most challenging role to date?
Elio Germano: I've found several challenging, but I will admit I was a little bit in awe when I made "N: Io e Napoleone" because of the cast, which included Monica Bellucci and Daniel Auteuil.

THR: Where were you when you were told you had been picked? Are you happy to be in Berlin?
Germano: I was working on some project. I can't remember which, but it seems like I'm almost always working. I'm extremely
pleased to have been picked. It's always nice to be honored, but it's especially rewarding to be honored internationally.

THR: How do you think being selected as a Shooting Star will help your career?
Germano: I hope someone who may not have seen me in Italy may take a look and I may have a chance at a role outside Italy at some point.

THR: You already work so much. Do you ever get your roles confused?
Germano: I have walked onto a set and had it confused with another set for a moment or two. But that's part of the game. I think it's normal. It happens in every day life, too. We're all doing many things at once in our lives.

THR: What do you think was the turning point in your career?
Germano: It was definitely when I won the David di Donatello award. Getting a prestigious prize like that made me feel like I was officially a full-time actor, recognized by people in the field.

THR: What projects are you working on?
Germano: I've got roles in five films set to be released this year and that are in some stage of production. One that starts filming in February is "Come Dio Comanda," a film about a neo-Nazi family.

Nationality: Italian
Born: Sept. 25, 1980
Selected Filmography: "Romanzo Criminale" (Crime Novel) in 2005; "N: Io e Napoleone" (N: Napoleon & Me) in 2006; "Mio Fratello e Figlio Unico" (My Brother Is an Only Child) in 2007; "Come Dio Comanda" (As God Commands), in preproduction, in 2008