Shooting Star profile: Joel Basman


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Born in Zurich, Joel Baseman started acting at the age of 13 and a year later had a role in the successful Swiss TV series "Luthi & Blanc." After two years on the small screen, the big screen offers started rolling in. Baseman is studying acting at the European Film Actors School in Zurich.

The Hollywood Reporter:
What has been your most challenging role to date?
Basman: Definitely Jimmie, my second TV film that's coming out in the spring. I play an autistic person who is at the same time an excellent swimmer and a savant. It gave me a huge boost as an actor.

THR: Where were you when you were told you had been picked to be a Shooting Star?
Basman: My parents are both fashion designers, and they both have shops in town - I was just heading out to visit my father's shop when the phone rang.

THR: How do you think being selected as a Shooting Star will help your career?
Basman: It's certainly going to be helpful in terms of my international career. I'm playing a German in an episode of the long-running German crime series "Tatort" soon, so I'm already branching out of Switzerland.

THR: How did you decide to become an actor?
Basman: My first confrontation with acting was being in a year-long theater workshop at the age of 13. I immediately decided I wanted to do more. I was lucky in that there was a sudden boom in Swiss film right around that time. There wasn't a big difference for me between acting in film and acting in theater.

THR: How about the difference between acting in film and acting in TV?
Basman: The series I did for 2 1/2 years was shot with three cameras and edited right away, so that makes a difference in terms of depth. With film, you can bring yourself emotionally to the limit.

Are you still working in TV?
Basman: I'm only doing TV movies at the moment.

What projects are you working on?
Basman: I've just done six castings for German productions, and while it would be impossible for me to do all of them, it would be good if one or two things come out of it.

Born: Jan. 23, 1990
Nationality: Switzerland
Selected Filmography: "Sweet Life" (2008), "Luftbusiness" (Life for Sale) (2008), "Mein name ist Eugen" (2005)