Shooting Star profile: Stine Fischer Christensen


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A child actor who debuted in her half-sister Pernille Fischer Christensen's first short film, Stine Fischer Christensen has since appeared in the Oscar-nominated "After the Wedding" (2006) and the Cannes Directors' Fortnight selection "Princess." She is a student at the Danish National School of Theater in Copenhagen.

The Hollywood Reporter: What has been your most challenging role to date?
Stine Fischer Christensen: It must be the role I played in "Echo." I was a young girl who was what you might call white trash, the kind of girl who always thinks she has to impress other people by doing something crazy. But she comes to realize that that isn't necessary.

THR: Are you happy to be in Berlin?
Fischer Christensen: I've been to Berlin many times -- I have a friend who lives here and I've been here with my school.

THR: How do you think being selected as a Shooting Star will help your career?
Fischer Christensen: I hope that I'll meet some international casting directors -- so that they will think of me the next time they have a role I could do.

THR: After your debut as a child actor, did you do anything more in terms of training?
Fischer Christensen: I was seven years old when I made Pernille's film, and after that I turned down every opportunity I got because I didn't want to be an actor. And then when I turned 12 I finally said yes to a film -- because it was shooting was in a castle and I wanted to see the castle. After that I thought I might want to be a producer, or a photographer. I took some photography lessons after high school. When I was 16 I finally realized I wanted to be in front of the camera.

THR: Pernille won two Silver Bears for her first feature, "A Soap," at the Berlin Film Festival in 2006. Are you planning on working with her again?
Fischer Christensen: I'd definitely want to work with her again after I graduate from acting school. She's 15 years older than I am -- we have the same father.

THR: What projects are you working on?
Fischer Christensen: I'm starting rehearsals for a play right now and then I'm going to be in a film that's still in development.