Shooting Star profile: Zsolt Nagy


Zsolt Nagy hails from Kisvarda, in northeastern Hungary. Since graduating from the Hungarian Academy of Drama and Film in 2000, he has performed with the globetrotting Chalk Circle Theater and appeared in 14 films. He gained his first international experience in 2002 playing the lead in "A New Life," directed by Philippe Grandrieux. His role in Nimrod Antal's film "Kontroll" earned him the Hungarian Film Critics' best supporting actor prize in 2004.

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The Hollywood Reporter: What has been your most challenging role to date?
Zsolt Nagy: Perhaps the most challenging was "Nosedive." I had to appear in a getaway on one of the busiest avenues of Budapest. We were filming in a Mercedes jeep, and the character next to me had a hole shot through his shoulder. Both of us were covered in blood. We were driving through red lights, and then a policeman appears, siren moaning. I'm signaling with my bloodstained hands that we're shooting a film. Then they notice the cameras behind the car and let us go.

THR: Where were you when you were told you had been picked to be a Shooting Star, and are you happy to be in Berlin?
Nagy: I'm really pleased to be invited to Berlin. It's a real honor for me.

THR: Now that you are getting lots of film work, is theater still important?
Nagy: Doing theater is very important, but the most important is who I'm doing it with. Film is also important because I take many things from it into my work onstage. I love theater, and I'll do it while I'm still interested in it.

THR: Is the Hungarian film industry developing enough to where there are more opportunities for young actors?
Nagy: Actors are becoming more and more appreciated, but it is still not a big deal to make only movies in Hungary, so an actor can't make a living at it.

THR: How do you think being selected as a Shooting Star will help your career?
Nagy: It's a huge chance. Actually, I'm a gambler. The stakes are enormous in Berlin, and I'll try to play a good game.

THR: What projects are you working on?
Nagy: I'm preparing a stage project with (Chalk Circle Theater artistic director) Arpad Schilling, and I'm going to be playing one of the leads in Krisztina Goda's new feature, "Chameleon," which goes before the cameras in May.

Born: April 26, 1976
Nationality: Hungarian
Selected Filmography: "Nosedive"; "Eastern Sugar"; "Kontroll"; "A New Life"; "Jadviga's Pillow"