Shooting Star: Sarah Bolger


Young enough to be waiting to take the Irish equivalent of high school final exams, Sarah Bolger has amassed a great deal of experience on the big and small screens. Bolger talks about working with blue screens, the scale of the U.S. movie machine and why Kate Winslet should be admired.

The Hollywood Reporter: Where were you when you were told you had been picked, and are you happy to be going to Berlin?

Sarah Bolger: I was in a Starbucks in Poland talking to my agent Michael in London. I was working on a film called "The Iron Cross."

THR: How do you think being selected as a Shooting Star will help your career?

Bolger: You get introduced to a huge amount of people in the industry. It puts you more out there as someone your country (which selects the representatives) have faith in.

THR: What has been your most challenging role to date?

Bolger: It's a good question because, besides my (upcoming) A Levels (school exams), I've not found anything too challenging. "Spiderwick" was different to the others because of all the blue screen work but I loved doing it.

THR: How did the "Spiderwick" shoot compare to your previous movie experience?

Bolger: It didn't compare at all. I filmed "In America" in Dublin and then a bit in New York. But for "Spiderwick" it was all filmed in Montreal and Los Angeles. The whole town (Los Angeles) is set up to make films. It's so vast and totally perfected to making films. In Ireland, we have a great film industry, but it just doesn't compare to the scale of things in L.A.

THR: How does big budget television work such as "The Tudors" compare to turns in movies?

Bolger: I filmed the second and then the third season just after "Spiderwick." I'd never done television back to back. It's very different doing television compared to film. You can do 12 takes on a film, but with television you really only get four takes. I think it makes you go on with a real aim in mind and get on with it. On the film side, it's slightly more relaxed.

THR: What projects are you working on?

Bolger: At the moment it's my A-levels in the summer in June. After my exams I'll be back to "The Tudors" for the fourth season for the rest of the summer, if it gets the green light.

THR: Who is your role model as an actor?

Bolger: I've always admired actresses such as Kate Winslet. I think (Winslet) is great because she has picked and chosen what she does and she doesn't just take anything and everything that comes her way.