Shooting Stars: Celine Bolomey


Swiss national Celine Bolomey has been based in Paris for the past two years. Primarily a theater actress until now, Bolomey has been working regularly onstage in France, Belgium and Canada. Her movie roles have so far all been in Swiss films, but she is hoping to break into French productions and beyond.

The Hollywood Reporter: Which role has been your biggest challenge so far?

Celime Bolomey: All of them! It's true I've tried to choose roles in my career so that each one is a challenge. The last film that I did was a huge task because we worked on it for four years using improvisation. And the whole film was on the shoulders of this main character, who was played by me.

THR: Which actors are role models for you?

Bolomey: I'm completely fascinated by actresses like Bette Davis, Gena Rowlands, or today, by Cate Blanchett. There are lots more I admire, too, but those actresses impress me as much through the quality of their work as through the choices they made in their careers.

THR: Would you like to take on roles in English?

Bolomey: I already did act in an English-language TV series. I'd like to do other roles in English, or in Italian. The only thing that drives me in my career is to make interesting cinematic works, rather than becoming a star. I come from a tiny country, so I really need to open out. For an actor to play in a different language is extremely enriching and interesting.

THR: What are your next projects?

Bolomey: Next month, I'm going to appear in a stage production of "Crave" by Sarah Kane. Lately, I've turned down some theater productions so I can be more available for film work. Given that I've been nominated for Shooting Stars, I've left myself free to make the most of any opportunities coming from that.