Shop This: Preciously Paris' Currency-Inspired Handbags

Money Bags - H 2015
Courtesy of Moda Operandi

Money Bags - H 2015

"My husband often asks how many handbags could I really need. A question to which I answer: one for every country we travel to!" says designer Carole Tessier.

Preciously Paris handbag designer Carole Tessier always kept currency notes as mementos from her travels around the world. "It's the modern version of luggage stickers," says Tessler. These notes became the inspiration for a collection of hand-embroidered and beaded clutches made in Parisian Ateliers. "A vintage currency note is also a beautiful work of art in its own right. You can feel the atmosphere, the culture and the pride of a country."

This collection is sold exclusively on Moda Operandi or call 212-229-2075.

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"It was quite a natural step to take to develop this quirky collecting habit into a collection, selecting only the most beautiful ones that conjure images of sophisticated and elegant women." The China Clutch, C. 2000; $2,810.

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"I spent a lot of time with our designers to select and prepare the designs, deciding which element to emphasize, tone down or adapt. You’ll see that – just like a memory – the designs are more often than not an interpretation and sublimation of the original." The Euro Clutch, C. 2002; $2,520.

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"I may have a slight preference for the dollar, it was the first one that I thought of. After all, the dollar bill is the archetypical currency, and the currency of the stars." The USA Clutch, C.1861; $2,745.

"The fabric is screen-printed first, using the same techniques that contemporary artists use. Then, they are handed over to Parisian embroiderers who will spend around 20 hours to give volume and life to the designs. Each bead and each thread needs to be laid perfectly. This is a painstaking process and that is why we can only make so few of these clutches." The France Clutch, C. 1914; $2,910.

"When we go back somewhere, I like to wear the bag that matches the destination. There are many more countries that I’ve not been too yet that I’d like to add to the collection though. Bhutan, for example." The U.K Clutch, C. 1964-1975; $2,630.