'Shortcake,' 'Care Bears' return to TV


CBS is bringing familiar faces to its fall children's slate. Resurrected favorites "Care Bears" and "Strawberry Shortcake" are among the new shows next season, as well as "Sushi Pack" and "I Was a High School Dinosaur."

The three-hour FCC-required block, which is programd by DIC Entertainment, also includes returning shows "Cake" and "Horseland."

 "Care Bears" will celebrate 25 years with new episodes and a new take on such original characters as Cheer Bear, Funshine and Grumpy.

 "Strawberry Shortcake" follows the adventures of the title character and her similarly sweetly named friends in the Saturday morning broadcast television debut.

 "Sushi Pack" by Emmy-winning writer-producers Tom Ruegger and Nicholas Hollander ("Animaniacs," "Tiny Toon Adventures") follows five pieces of crime-fighting sushi as they protect Bento Bay.

 In "I Was a High School Dinosaur," five teens with the ability to transform themselves learn, with the help of their wise science teacher, how to use their powers to protect the Earth from "mutant-saurs" and global warming.

 "Horseland" combines CGI and traditional animation to create a magical stable where the horses can talk to each other about compassion, honesty and cooperation.

 Based on a concept by Barbara Miller and Maia Tersian, "Cake" follows a teenage girl with her own cable access show who's motto is : "You can't buy individuality, but you can make it."