Should Stacy Keibler Wear Heels with George Clooney?

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The 'Ides of March' star's girlfriend towers above him in heels, but perhaps it doesn't matter when your star shines as brightly as Clooney's.

Let's face it, in the George Clooney/Stacy Keibler relationship (shall we take bets on its expiration date?), George Clooney is the alpha and wears the pants. In any relationship, Clooney is the alpha -- even with Brad Pitt. So how does he feel about his woman (of the moment) towering over him in high heels on the red carpet? He doesn't look too bothered by it in these photos at one of his red carpet premieres.

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We know that tall women want to wear high heels - Nicole Kidman wore them with Tom Cruise, casting a shadow over him. L'Wren Scott wears them with Mick Jagger. In fact, at one awards show, where Mick came to the stage, he said, "I want to thank L'Wren for not wearing heels tonight." With Keibler - who's 5"11 - and Clooney, also 5'11" - it's something new for red carpet watchers, because we've never seen Clooney looking smaller than his date before.

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Keibler is suddenly a red carpet fixture, wearing gowns from Versace: even handbag designers are sending out press releases when she carries their clutch. But the girl refuses to wear flats with her gowns, as many tall women secretly do - she lovers her high heels and wears them with anything. Even jeans. Should tall women wear high heels with their men and be taller than they are? It was a no no as recently as ten years ago - and it's still a rare sighting. Clearly, Clooney is one confident man. And Keibler is one confident woman.

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