ShowEast 2007

Headlines from the exhibition conference

Katzenberg sees rosy 3-D view
ORLANDO -- DreamWorks Animation chief Jeffrey Katzenberg was positively animated Tuesday in tub-thumping 3-D animation to ShowEast 2008's assembled exhibitors. "If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 3-D picture is worth 3,000," grinned the energetic Katzenberg, whose personal and executive zeal for the technology has made him the industry's 3-D poster boy during the past couple of years. MORE

Int'l film in focus as ShowEast opens
ORLANDO -- It wasn’t so much a seminar on digital-age marketing as a clarion call to international exhibitors that rang out from the podium Monday during the opening sessions of ShowEast 2007. “Traditional movie marketing is broken,” Fox International co-president Tomas Jegeus said. “It’s just getting too expensive, and it just doesn’t deliver or excite the way it used to.” With studios spending upward of $50 million to market films internationally -- in addition to similar spending domestically -- it’s no longer acceptable to have a lion’s share of the money spent on reaching “people who will never, ever go to the cinema,” Jegeus said. MORE

ShowEast to close high on Darabont
ORLANDO -- Frank Darabont, whose adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Mist” will be screened Thursday at ShowEast, will receive the Kodak Award for Excellence in Filmmaking at the exhibition confab’s closing gala. ShowEast runs through Thursday at the Orlando Marriott World Center. MORE

Monday, Oct. 15

ShowEast puts spotlight on 3-D, d-cinema
The film industry is donning 3-D glasses this week as exhibitors and distributors gather at the Orlando Marriott World Center for ShowEast 2007. The digital cinema transition and 3-D movements are hot topics this week, as the two are intertwined: digital-cinema projection is required in order to offer 3-D digital motion pictures, giving digital cinema some added momentum as both proceed forward. MORE

Cusack shines at ShowEast
ORLANDO -- John Cusack will be awarded the Star of the Year Award at ShowEast 2007. Cusack, who toplines the drama "Grace Is Gone," which will be screened at the confab Wednesday, will be honored the same night in a special presentation. ShowEast opens Monday at the Orlando Marriott World Center, with first-day events primarily geared toward international distribs and exhibs. MORE

Report: 15% growth for in-theater ads
In-cinema advertising grew into a $455.7 million business in the U.S. last year, 15% better than in 2005 and far outpacing boxoffice growth during the same frame. The Cinema Advertising Council is set to release Monday its 2006 annual report, which indicates that onscreen advertising jumped from $361.6 million in 2005 to $417.4 million last year and that the smaller offscreen category went from $33.2 million to $38.3 million. MORE

ShowEast preview

ShowEast looks to reinvent show floor

When more than 1,000 of the nation's top film exhibitors, distributors, executives and vendors descend upon southern Florida on Monday for the 23rd annual ShowEast convention at the Orlando World Center Marriott, there will be the usual mix of events to keep them occupied: seminars about piracy and digital cinema, pre-holiday screenings, even a casino night. But one primary reason most attendees will flock south like migratory birds is to kibitz about the motion picture industry -- and about ShowEast itself. MORE

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