ShowEast 2008


Some skipped ShowEast

The theatrical business may be recession-resistant, but it's hardly impervious to economic vagaries. Full story

Oct. 15, 2008

ShowEast '08 hasn't been a must-see
The trade show floor at exhibition confabs like ShowEast 2008 tends to be dominated as much by tech displays as popcorn-cand-ndy vendors these days. Full story

Oct. 14, 2008

Lionsgate, AccessIT sign digital screen deal

Lionsgate has inked a pact with AccessIT to help fund thousands of additional digital screen conversions, becoming the fifth studio to sign aboard for the digital-cinema integrator's next wave of system rollouts. Full story

Oct. 8, 2008

ShowEast preview

Honorees push the arts forward
While digital conversion and 3-D remain in the future, the capacity for excelling in distribution and exhibition has already been realized. Read profiles of Griselda Fortunato, Ken Higgins, Larry Collins, Nancy Klueter, Clark Woods and Kodak honoree Edward Zwick. Full story

Special report: 3-D cinema

Crunch time for 3-D format
With a bold digital cinema deal inked and dozens of releases coming, the scramble to convert theaters is on. Full story

Multiplexes eye live sports programming
Hurdles remain to bringing live 3-D broadcasts into movie theaters, including rights issues. But the noise surrounding live 3-D events is steadily getting louder. Full story

3-D from 2-D films
Soon moviegoers may be able to see the great films of yesteryear in a whole new dimension. Full story

3-D format advocates make the case
Filmmaker James Cameron, DreamWorks executive Jeffrey Katzenberg and Disney's Dick Cook are among the industry figures who have promoted the format's possibilities. Full story

3-D in the living room
t might surprise you to learn there are about 2 million 3-D-ready TV sets already in U.S. living rooms. Yet hardly anyone watches TV in 3-D. Full story

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Exhibs, four majors near d-deal
A consortium of the nation's top movie-theater chains will announce within two weeks a $1 billion-plus financing agreement with four major studios to equip more than 15,000 screens nationwide with digital-projection systems during the next three years. (THR 9/29) Full story