ShowEast to honor Zwick

Writer-director-producer to receive Kodak Award

Multihyphenate Edward Zwick -- writer, director and producer on Paramount Vantage's upcoming World War II drama "Defiance" -- will be given the Kodak Award for excellence in filmmaking at ShowEast 2008.

Zwick will be feted at an awards gala set to close the exhibition confab on Oct. 16. ShowEast opens Oct. 13 at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando.

"Not only is (Zwick) an accomplished filmmaker in American cinema, but he is also a veteran of television, responsible for some of the most groundbreaking shows of our generation, and he frequently juggles movies with television as he works," ShowEast co-managing director Mitch Neuhauser said. "From a film standpoint, Edward Zwick's body of work is diverse, accomplished and acclaimed."

Zwick's film credits include directing the acclaimed Civil War film "Glory" (1989) and the Western drama "Legends of the Fall" (1995). Zwick also directed "Courage Under Fire," "The Siege," "The Last Samurai" and "Blood Diamond".

He received a best-picture Academy Award as a producer of 1999's "Shakespeare in Love."

Working with production partner Marshall Herskovitz, Zwick's small-screen accomplishments included the duo's long-running series "thirtysomething." Other collaborations through the Bedford Falls production company include the TV series "My So-Called Life," "Relativity" and "Once and Again."

ShowEast is produced by the Nielsen Film Group, a division of The Hollywood Reporter's parent Nielsen Business Media.
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