It's Showtime For Canada's Fight Network

European kick-boxing promotion comes to Canadian TV screens already dominated by UFC and mixed martial arts fare.

TORONTO – The Fight Network is hoping Canadian MMA fans embrace kick-boxing after it acquired the English-language broadcast rights for the European kick-boxing promotion It’s Showtime.

Toronto-based Fight Network will air up to 10 live events annually from the Amsterdam-based TV fighting promotion, led by Simon Rutz.

The Canadian kick-boxing TV rights deal comes as The Fight Network faces increasing competition for local MMA viewers on rival cable sports channels and mainstream channels like Spike TV.

And top MMA promotion Ultimate Fighting Championship on April 30 will make a breakthrough by staging its first-ever live event in Toronto, Canada’s largest TV market.

As part of its content deal, The Fight Network will also air all It's Showtime events from 2010.

The multi-year Canadian deal was unveiled by Chad Midgley, vp of programming and production at Fight Network.