Showtime and LG Launch Interactive Smart TV App

SHO Sync

UPDATED: The latest iteration of SHO Sync will give viewers the chance to participate in broadcasts of such network series as "Dexter" and Ray Donovan."

Showtime Networks is launching a new app -- but not where you might have been expecting.

The cable brand announced Thursday the launch of a new version of SHO Sync for owners of LG Electronics TVs. Viewers with Internet-connected models from 2012 or 2013 will be able to interact with Showtime series such as Dexter and Ray Donovan in real time, using remote controls to answer trivia and polls at various points in the broadcast without downloading anything.

"SHO Sync for Smart TVs is a breakthrough for the industry, offering a  rich and interactive experience with a strong focus on content, where consumers can enjoy their favorite Showtime series," said Showtime Networks executive vp of program marketing and digital services Donald Buckley. "For the first time, viewers can click a single button, using their remotes and interact in a completely new way with our programming."

Like the SHO Sync app for iPads, the service will be available for viewers watching live, OnDemand or on DVR or DVD.

"LG's LivePlus synchronous TV platform extends the capabilities of LG Smart TVs from delivering immersive content to enhance the TV viewing experience with compelling content authored by the programmers," said LG Electronics USA senior vp of marketing James Fishler. "While interactive TV has been previously done in many forms, this is the first time that standards such as HTLM5 have been used, enabling high-quality graphics using standard authoring tools. With SHO Sync, Showtime Networks has developed a sophisticated app that maximizes what is possible . Like the SHO Sync app for iPadswith high end, premium interactive experiences."

Content is specially written in the voice of the particular program and will be prompted at only particular points in broadcasts to not disrupt viewing.