Showtime passes on 'Ronna' comedy

Tim Robbins' 'Effects' only pilot still in contention at pay net

Showtime has passed on another pilot, the comedy "Ronna and Beverly" from Jessica Chaffin, Jamie Denbo and Jenji Kohan.

In the past week, the pay cable network also passed on the "L Word" spinoff starring Leisha Hailey and the Matthew Perry/Peter Tolan comedy "The End of Steve," leaving Tim Robbins' drama "Possible Side Effects" as the only pilot still waiting its fate.

"Ronna and Beverly" was a relatively late addition to Showtime's current development slate, with the network ordering the pilot based on Chaffin and Denbo's sketches in January.

Like the Sony TV-produced "Steve," Lionsgate TV's "Ronna" is expected to be shopped to other outlets.