ShredOrDie has vid action for extreme-sports crowd

Hawk on board for shortform site

The creators behind hope death-defying sports can give their site added life.

Executives said Tuesday that they will launch, a site featuring shortform video aimed at the skater, snowboarder and other extreme-sports communities, and has signed Tony Hawk to serve as the face and creative force of the site.

ShredOrDie will seek to mix extreme sports and celebrity culture in a manner similar to FunnyOrDie's blend of comedy and celebrity.

Hawk said Tuesday that he has been taping celebrity interviews in his travels. Lance Armstrong, snowboarder Shaun White, Christian Slater, Ed Helms and skateboarder Ryan Sheckler have all recorded videos that will appear on ShredOrDie.

ShredOrDie also will contain user-generated video from extreme-sports enthusiasts and will function like FunnyOrDie; videos will live or die on the site based on their popularity with viewers.

Despite the similarities to the Will Ferrell portal, the site is more of a niche play than the broader-ranging FunnyOrDie; Hawk said "the action-sports community has a unique camaraderie, and I want our site to reflect that."

Both FunnyOrDie and ShredOrDie are part of Or Die Networks, an umbrella group that is expected to launch other verticals similar to the two sites.

FunnyOrDie, which was founded by Ferrell, Adam McKay and their business partner Mark Kvamme, has been trying to find ways to exploit the initial popularity of their venture.

When the site launched last spring with a Ferrell video titled "The Landlord," it garnered nearly 5 million hits in one month. But ComScore said traffic fell to 1.4 million visitors in September.

New-media observers noted that the site must expand its range and enter into syndication agreements if it is to thrive in the competitive online-video realm.