'Shrek' stomps overseas rivals

Its $48.6 mil doubles up 'Surfer,' 'Thirteen' boxoffice

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TORONTO -- Paramount/PPI's lovable green ogre continued to dominate worldwide boxoffice during the weekend as "Shrek the Third" finished No. 1 overall with estimated take of $48.6 million from 5,737 screens in 45 markets.

20th Century Fox International/Marvel Enterprises' "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" grabbed second place, grossing an estimated $22.1 million on 8,451 screens in 44 markets in the latest frame.

In third place overall, Warner Bros. International's "Ocean's Thirteen" nabbed $21.3 million in estimated boxoffice during the weekend on 5,700 screens in 49 markets.

Coming in fourth in a crowded international arena was Buena Vista International's "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End," which pulled in an estimated boxoffice of $20.4 million during its fifth weekend at 11,128 screens in 104 countries, off 41% from the previous weekend. The results put the third installment of Disney's buccaneering franchise on track to become only the seventh film to surpass the $600 million boxoffice mark internationally.

Grabbing fifth place for the weekend was DreamWorks/Paramount's "Blades of Glory," with an estimated boxoffice of $2.3 million from 571 locations across 26 territories. Its cume is $19.8 million. Close behind was Universal Pictures' "Evan Almighty," opening internationally in Russia and Ukraine with an estimated gross of $1.7 million at 393 dates in both markets.

"Shrek" brought its international cume to $171.1 million with openings across Europe, including Germany, where the film grossed $8.2 million at 834 dates, and Spain, where the estimated gross was $6.7 million from 757 screens. The estimated weekend take in Belgium was $2.4 million, 33% ahead of "Shrek 2."

Other openings for "Shrek" included the Netherlands, where the estimated gross was $1.6 million from 187 locations, and Portugal, where the estimated boxoffice was $1.1 million from 67 screens, 39% more than "Shrek 2."

Holdovers included Argentina, which brought in an additional estimated $1 million, off 42% from the previous frame, to take its cume to $3.45 million, and Brazil, doing another $3.1 million, off 48%, for an international tally of $11 million.

The latest openings for "Silver Surfer" included Mexico, where Fox's follow-up raked in an estimated $5.7 million on 1,070 screens, and Australia, with an estimated $2.4 million from 343 screens. In its second week in the U.K., "Silver Surfer" yielded an estimated $4.1 million on 479 screens to take its cume to $12.1 million in the territory.

The international cume for the latest "Fantastic Four" installment is $50.3 million.

Meanwhile, director Steven Soderbergh's star-laden "Thirteen" passed the $100 million mark internationally, WBI said.

The strongest opening for "Thirteen" was France, with an estimated boxoffice of $3.5 million at 766 dates. The film also managed an estimated $1.1 million in Brazil on 271 screens.

After three weeks in the U.K., "Thirteen" brought in an estimated $2.6 million from 687 prints, off 41%, for a cume of $18.8 million. Germany brought in an estimated $1.7 million during its third frame at 775 dates, off 24%; the territory's cume is $10.7 million. Spain in its third weekend was off 46% with an estimated boxoffice of $800,000 from 454 prints, bringing its cume to $7.6 million.

The next big openings are Mexico on Fridayand Japan on Aug. 11.

For Captain Jack Sparrow and his band of pirates in "At World's End," the next milestone is the $600 million mark overseas, something David Kornblum, vp international sales and distribution at Buena Vista International, insists is on track to occur on the Monday or Tuesday after this weekend.

The real booty for "At World's End" during the weekend was in Asia. The Johnny Depp-starring adventure picture earned an estimated boxoffice of $4.7 million in Japan on 800 screens to take its cume to $68.3 million. In China, the movie grossed an estimated $2.2 million at 900 screens during its second weekend to take its cume to $11.1 million.

Other territories reporting for "At World's End" included the U.K., reporting an estimated $2.1 million to take its cume to $75.5 million, and Germany, bringing in another $1.7 million from 1,400 prints for a tally to date of $57.7 million. France racked up another $1.5 million in estimated boxoffice to take its cume to $41.7 million.

The $871.6 million worldwide cume for "At World's End" makes the movie the 12th-biggest hit ever globally.

The ice skating comedy "Blades" finished with a weekend total estimated at $1.9 million in Australia from 186 screens and another $261,000 in estimated boxoffice in New Zealand from 45 screens.

"Evan" opened in Russia and Ukraine in first place, pulling in an estimated $1.7 million at 393 dates in both markets. The next openings are Greece on July 5, the U.K. on Aug. 3, Germany on Aug. 9 and France on Aug. 15.

Also from Universal, "Mr. Bean's Holiday" rolled up another $300,00 at 690 theaters in 25 territories in its 13th week of release, with Germany bringing in $100,000 at 312 dates, off 24%, for a cume of $23.8 million. The international tally for "Holiday" is $175.7 million; the total including France, where it is being released by StudioCanal, is $183.9 million.

The comedy next bows in China on Wednesdayand Korea on Aug. 16.

"Hot Fuzz" drew in estimated $1 million at 380 dates in 13 territories for the weekend. There was a strong opening in Korea, with an estimated gross of $365,000 at 100 dates. Germany was off 30% in its second weekend, bringing in an estimated $470,000 from 292 prints. Its 11-day cume is $1.4 million.

The next big openings for "Fuzz" are Turkey on July 12 and Denmark on July 20.

Warners' "Zodiac" grossed an estimated $1.9million during the weekend from 1,400 prints in 44 markets for a cume to date of $40.8 million.