Shrieks beat out the geeks

Girls go wild at Summit's 'Twilight' showcase

Comic-Con proved it wasn't just for fanboys Thursday when rabid fangirls let loose their considerable voices during Summit Entertainment's "Twilight" panel.

As a new production outfit, Summit was making its inaugural appearance at one of the world's biggest pop cultural events. The company showed off two other sci-fi flicks, "Push" and "Knowing." But with "Twilight" — director Catherine Hardwicke's adaptation of the Stephanie Meyer teen vampire novels — Summit proved that Comic-Con is more than superheroes and adoring fans dressed in costumes.

From the chants of "Twi-light! Twi-light!" to the shrieks — after almost every sentence — the crowd of 6,500 ranged from the braces-faced tweens to Moms. In fact, the pandemonium of the event seemed more Miley Cyrus than Batman.

"It was amazing, absolutely amazing," Summit co-chairman and CEO Rob Friedman said. "It clearly overwhelmed the cast (which included Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson). "As much as we prepared them, the response gave them stage fright."

Execs had an inkling of the impending response when they saw fans lining up for the "Twilight" panel at 8 p.m. Wednesday night.

Thursday in general was a strong day for the movie side at Comic-Con. Fox previewed "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "Max Payne" and offered a surprise by flying out Hugh Jackman from Australia for next summer's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."

Jackman, who caused the first pandemonium moment of Comic-Con 2008, tipped his hat to the crowd. "Without you guys I wouldn't have a career," he said. "Without you guys, there wouldn't be this phase of comic book movies."

The peeks offered by Fox were well received. "I am no longer suspect or angry about the movie," one young woman said after seeing the "Wolverine" footage.

Meanwhile, Disney showed off some work-in-progress footage from "Race to Witch Mountain." The panel had the day's best Q&A session, filled with smart questions, heart and humor, and Dwayne Johnson had the audience in the palm of his hand. Disney also unveiled test footage from director Joseph Kosinski's "Tron 2.0."

Stan Lee will be at the show today to tout "Time Jumper," a franchise he is doing with Disney that features a cell phone that enables going back in history. It will be a digital comic book that plays out on multiple platforms.

Lee's POW! Entertainment will also see an extension to the first-look deal it signed with Disney in June, covering all media.

Andrew Wallenstein in Los Angeles contributed to this report.