Jimmy Fallon Reveals 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Cover on 'Tonight Show'

The unveiling of the highly anticipated magazine issue has bounced around among the late-night shows, with ABC's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' doing the honors last year after years of CBS' 'The Late Show With David Letterman' handling.

Jimmy Fallon unveiled the cover of the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue on Wednesday's Tonight Show.

The big reveal that model — and Derek Jeter's reported girlfriend — Hannah Davis hand landed on the cover was even more surprising because Fallon's plans to unveil the issue hadn't previously been announced.

Fallon explained that, due to the secrecy surrounding the cover, it's often difficult to get an advance copy of the issue — but, he said, "This is The Tonight Show, and we're in Los Angeles [for the week]. We like to make the impossible possible," before bringing out a giant edition of the cover.

The surprises didn't stop there as Fallon then brought out Davis, but before he could interview her, she took off with his announcer Steve Higgins.

This was the first time the cover had been unveiled on NBC's Fallon-hosted Tonight Show, with Jimmy Kimmel Live! doing the honors last year, incidentally a few days before the Fallon-hosted Tonight Show premiered.

Kimmel nabbed the reveal from longtime SI swimsuit issue home The Late Show With David Letterman. On Letterman, the cover would often be unveiled via a giant display on a billboard in New York. The model would then sit down for an interview the next night. However, on at least one occasion in recent years, neighborhood office workers spoiled the show's reveal by taking photos of the billboard during Letterman's taping.

Davis#39; cover was also displayed on NBC's Today on Thursday morning, albeit with a large red ribbon covering the lower half of her bikini, which she's suggestively pulling down in the cover photo.

Davis is set to appear on Monday's Today as well, the morning show announced Thursday.

Watch Fallon reveal the cover below.