Si TV presents new on-air look


Si TV is rolling out a new on-air look inspired by pop art and iconography derived from the Latino cultures served by the cable network.

The network, which targets 18- to 34-year-old English-speaking Latinos in the U.S., said the look is designed to break through a cluttered TV landscape and "speak to a new generation of Latinos whose lives blend fluidly between traditional Latino and American cultures."

The new on-air graphics, which started rolling out last week and will continue to roll out through the end of this week, feature seven themed designs ranging from a heart/earphones combo (dubbed "My Passion," connecting the "Latino heart" with technology) to a fork/bananas design ("My Flavor," intended to represent the "many layers of cultural meaning and identity" in the Latino community) to a jeweled skull/roses combo ("My Style," not meant to be a frightening image but rather is about "taking an image and putting your own spin on it").

"As new distribution platforms enable the Si TV audience to engage with our content when and where they want, the need to create a unique, instantly recognizable look became important," network CEO Michael Schwimmer said. "We also wanted an emotional link with the audience to establish Si TV as part of their lifestyle."

Also coming up on Si TV are three programming initiatives launching in the summer that also incorporate online interactivity and advertising sponsorships, including the competition series "Model Latina" and "Jammin' 2." In addition, the network is giving two viewers the chance to report on-air from the Republican and Democratic national conventions.