Sichler steps down at StudioCanal


PARIS -- French pay TV group Canal Plus is minus one with the company's film subsidiary StudioCanal's vp international development Frederic Sichler announcing that he will leave his post at the end of the year.

Sichler refused to comment on his next step but plans to "pursue a new professional, international adventure," Canal Plus said Wednesday.

Sichler joined Canal Plus in 2003 when the group was experiencing financial difficulties. "Since his arrival, Frederic Sichler has profoundly restructured the organization and commercial politics of StudioCanal," the group said.

Sichler was responsible for StudioCanal's partnership with Universal for international distribution and catalog titles, co-productions with Working Title and strong ties with Lionsgate.

In July 2006, Studiocanal, under Sichler's lead, further developed its international strategy with the acquisition of the U.K. indie distributor Optimum.