'Side Effects' Trailer: Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum Say No to Drugs in Steven Soderbergh's Thriller (Video)

Side Effects Screen Grab - H 2012

Side Effects Screen Grab - H 2012

The film, due out early next year, would be the director's final theatrical release before his sabbatical.

The first trailer for Side Effects -- Steven Soderbergh’s final film before his planned retirement -- has premiered, featuring an over-medicated Rooney Mara and a handsome-and-supportive Channing Tatum.

The thriller follows a successful New York couple, Emily (Mara) and Martin (Tatum), whose world begins to unravel when a new drug prescribed by Emily’s psychiatrist (Jude Law) – intended to treat anxiety – has unexpected side effects.  

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The first trailer is intriguing, and hints that the story will focus on the twisted ways of pharmaceutical companies, and how it affects the lives of the four main characters. Catherine Zeta-Jones also stars in the film.

While Soderbergh has released several films in the past two years (Contagion, Haywire and Magic Mike), he told the New York Times in September that he planned on retiring from filmmaking to focus on painting.

However, at the Venice Film Festival, where Contagion premiered, he clarified that it wasn’t a permanent retirement, but more of a needed break.

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"It's less dramatic that it sounds; it's just a sabbatical," the director said.

"I feel I need to recalibrate, so I can discover something new," he told the Observer, as picked up by BBC News. "I'm out of ways of telling art."

Open Road's Side Effects, due out early next year, should be Soderbergh’s final theatrical release if he decides to pursue his sabbatical. He also helmed a Liberace biopic called Behind the Candelabra, which is a TV movie planned for HBO.

Watch the new trailer below.