Runway Rock: Siki Im Opts for Vampy Vibes

Siki Im_W4R9073 - P 2016
Courtesy of Siki Im

Siki Im_W4R9073 - P 2016

With an equally moody playlist to match.

Apocalyptic doom never looked so good — or desirable — as when iconoclastic designer Siki Im unveiled his fall 2016 men's collection Thursday night on models stomping around a mammoth square-shaped runway.

German-born and originally trained as an architect, he showed both his namesake collection and offshoot Den Im lines melded together in vampiric but covetable black, oxblood and aubergine hues. Sharply cut Italian cashmere coats, architectural leathers bisected by zippers and Teflon-coated canvas jackets and pants were punctuated by many of the models' disquietingly painted faces. 

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And the show's press release included this discomfiting thought from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: "Whoever battles monsters should take care that he doesn't become one in the process. And if you stare for a long time into an abyss, the abyss looks into you, too." 

With these clothes, when the abyss stares back, at least Siki Im guys will be looking the darkly glamorous part. And the show set list, featuring post-punk band Bauhaus, struck a similarly dark chord of somber sensuality.