'Off the Cuff' Podcast: Amanda Crew on Being Just 'One of the Guys' in HBO's 'Silicon Valley'

Amanda Crew Pret-a-Reporter - P 2014
Kyleen James

Amanda Crew Pret-a-Reporter - P 2014

The actress yucks it up with #pretapodcasts over being the only girl in a cast of comedy bros and what she shares with her pencil-skirted character ("We have some of the same hair.")

As the only female cast member in HBO's new hit comedy Silicon Valley, Amanda Crew has quickly learned how to hold her own -- whether it's pulling red carpet pranks with her comedian co-stars or sharing screen time with the late, great Christopher Evan Welch.

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Crew stopped by #pretapodcasts to tell us how she landed such a prize role, as well as what it's like working with Amanda Bynes ("the Lucille Ball of our generation"), the process of transforming into her uptight character Monica ("I just became a woman every time") and why viewers should be sure to tune in to the Silicon finale. (Hint: "the biggest dick joke you'll ever see.")