Why Jennifer Lawrence Didn't Go to Washington for 'Silver Linings Playbook'

Washington D.C. Jennifer Lawrence David O. Russell - H 2013
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Washington D.C. Jennifer Lawrence David O. Russell - H 2013

While David O. Russell and Bradley Cooper talked mental health at the White House, their co-star stayed home, wondering: "What am I gonna say to the vice president?"

This story first appeared in the March 1 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

David O. Russell and Bradley Cooper visited veep Joe Biden at the White House to discuss mental health Feb. 7. (Their best picture Oscar contender Silver Linings Playbook features a bipolar protagonist.)

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Some have sneered it that was a Weinstein Co. move to garner gravitas for a film whose competitors are more easily tied to serious issues. Co-star Jennifer Lawrence notably declined to participate. 

"They were like, 'Do you want to come?' I was like, 'What am I gonna say to the vice president?! I can't even talk to you guys!' " she said at a Feb. 13 Q&A moderated by THR's Scott Feinberg that followed the film's last official Academy screening.