Simon back in Jamaica for new reggae book


KINGSTON, Jamaica -- The photojournalist who produced the critically acclaimed "Reggae Bloodlines" some 30 years ago returned to Jamaica recently to work on another collection.

Peter Simon, younger brother of singer/songwriter Carly Simon, last visited Jamaica in 1976 while working on "Reggae Bloodlines," which he produced with writer Stephen Davis and included their interviews with some of the legends, including Bob Marley.

Simon spent nine days in the Caribbean island for "The Reggae Scrapbook," which will be released in November by Random House. The book will come with a CD of rare reggae songs.

With the popularity of dancehall acts like Sizzla and Sean Paul among American youth, Simon believes his latest work is likely to strike a chord in the United States.

"The kids really love it," he said in Kingston last week. "Back in 1976, a lot of people in the States didn't know how to pronounce reggae."