Simon Cowell Backs Louis Walsh '100 percent' Saying Assault Allegations Are 'Horrible"

Louis Walsh, Simon Cowell - ITV2 Autumn Launch Party - Arrivals - 2008
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The affable and popular judge says he is "devastated" by the "completely unfounded allegations" and vows to fight them through the courts.

LONDON - Simon Cowell offered his "wholehearted support" Friday to X-Factor judge Louis Walsh, branding the allegations of indecent-assault made against Walsh by a 24-year old Dublin man as "horrible."

Cowell said that he had spoked to a very distressed Walsh and had assured him of his total support.

"I don't believe for a second that these allegations are true. I feel very sorry for him, " Cowell told The Sun newspaper. "I've spoken to him and he really is upset. It's horrible. Like all his friends I will support him 100 percent."

His comments come a day after Walsh was accused of a sexual attack on an un-named 24-year-old man in the washrooms of a Dublin nightclub. Police are understood to be investigating the complaint.

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The popular X-Factor judge has been behind the fame of boy bands like Westlife, Boyzone and singer Ronan Keating, as well as more recently Jedward.

After refuting the allegations in a statement via his solicitors on Thursday, Walsh opened up to The Sun about the effect the accusations had on his state of mind, saying the allegations were "a nightmare."

"I am devastated by these completely unfounded accusations. Anyone who knows me knows this is all a pack of lies."

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Walsh, who was at the Krystle nightclub in Dublin with members of Westlife on the night the attack was alleged, said he would fight the allegations.

"I have instructed solicitors and I am not going to let this guy get away with peddling lies about me," he said.

In a separate statement, the club founders issued a message of support via Twitter, saying Walsh was an regular and had always been a gentleman.

"Louis Walsh has frequented Krystle for four years and is always a gentleman. We think it is disgraceful what he's being put through," the club said.