Simon Cowell Bows Out as Judge on U.K. 'X Factor'

Dave Hogan/Getty Images

He'll have "an enormous presence backstage" on the original, but only judge the U.S. version.

LONDON -- ITV has confirmed Simon Cowell will not split his time between the U.K. and the new U.S. versions of X Factor saying it was "completely comfortable" with that, according to the BBC.

ITV said it was "talking about ways in which he can have an on-screen presence later in the series".

Cowell will lead the judges on the U.S. X Factor. Other judges for both versions of the show have yet to be announced.

The U.S show is due to start screening in September, while the U.K. show usually begins in August.

ITV said Cowell would continue to be "an enormous presence backstage" on the U.K. program and that it would be in constant discussions with him to ensure the show "continues to evolve".