Simon Cowell Contacts Police Over Second 'Britain's Got Talent' Blog Post

2010: Simon Cowell announces his "Idol" exit
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With season nine about to kick off, Cowell announces at the TCA winter press tour that it will be his last. "When I left, I was genuinely emotional," he says. "It had been great for me, but it was time to do something new."

The author -- who takes credit for making fixing allegations against the show earlier this month -- apologizes and blames the incident on bipolar disorder.

Simon Cowell's production company, Syco, has contacted police over a blog post whose author claims to be the same person who earlier this month accused producers of fixing his show Britain's Got Talent, the U.K.'s Guardian reported.

The blogger, who claimed to be a Sony Music executive but has not revealed his or her identity, made malicious allegations on a blog that the show was fixed in favor of 12-year-old favorite Ronan Parke. The person claimed that the young singer had been secretly signed to SyCo for more than two years before entering the competition, in contravention with competition rules. (The predictions proved incorrect as Jai McDowell was named winner of the competition.)

On Thursday, a second blog post appeared on the same website,, with the author claiming to be the same one who had made the earlier allegations.

This time, the author apologizes for "all the distress and hurt I've caused to so many people," including Parke, Cowell, Syco, Sony Music and "everyone associated with BGT."

"What I did was wrong and I have no excuse for my actions," the post reads. "That said, I think I owe an explaination [sic] to all concerned. I live with Bipolar Disorder. The last 5/6 weeks have been particularly difficult to manage, as I have been experiencing 'rapid-cycling', with mood swings every 2 or 3 days, taking me from deep depression into hyper-mania and then back again. It's an extremely confusing and horrible way to live. I fully accept, of course, that my mental health is my responsibility and I should have sought help as soon as I was aware of decline. But I do find it really difficult to spot when things start getting out of control."

The autho also claimed all the previous allegations were made up.

A BGT rep told the Guardian that lawyers had been made aware of the post, which they referred to the police.

After the first post appeared, Cowell denied all allegations and insisted the competition had been entirely fair.

"This is a deliberate smear campaign, and it is my job to ensure that whoever this liar is is exposed and that this kid is treated the same way as everyone else," he said.