Simon Cowell eyes entertainment firm

In talks to partner with U.K. retail magnate Philip Green

LONDON -- Plans to create a global entertainment venture between Simon Cowell and Top Shop retail mogul Philip Green are still "far from finalized," Cowell's spokesman said Wednesday.

"There is substance to the talks, and they are going to build together -- but in terms of the specifics, we don't know -- even they don't know," British public relations veteran Max Clifford said Wednesday.

Clifford said the talks centered on building a possible business combining television and entertainment "in general," but that the detail was still being worked out.

"There are a lot of discussions. In about two or three weeks from now Philip Green and or Simon will be in a much better position to talk about their plans. They have known each other for a long time, and the business will be built around what each of them can bring to the table."

A partnership between the men would bring together two of Britain's most successful businessmen.

Retail billionaire Green owns British Home Stores and the Arcadia Group, which owns such youth clothing outlets as Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge, bringing in ranges from fashion icons like Kate Moss.

Acid-tongued Cowell heads SyCo, the creator of such global juggernauts as "Got Talent" and "X-Factor" and has become loved and loathed in equal measure by viewers on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Financial Times reported that the deal would create a multimillion-dollar global entertainment business that would be the holding company for Cowell's entertainment interests and a springboard for TV shows, offering Green potentially lucrative merchandising opportunities.
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