Simon Cowell Slams Anonymous Memo as 'Deliberate Smear Campaign'

2010: Simon Cowell announces his "Idol" exit
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With season nine about to kick off, Cowell announces at the TCA winter press tour that it will be his last. "When I left, I was genuinely emotional," he says. "It had been great for me, but it was time to do something new."

"Britain's Got Talent" outsider Jai McDowell crowned winner, beating 12-year-old favorite Ronan Parke.

LONDON - In the end, the predictions made by the anonymous memo proved to be incorrect. Outsider Jai McDowell won Saturday night's final of Britain's Got Talent, contradicting malicious blog allegations claiming the show was fixed in advance in favor of 12-year-old favorite Ronan Parke.

The show has drawn an average of 10 million viewers during the final week of semi-finals week buoyed by the return of Simon Cowell fresh from the controversy of dumping Cheryl Cole from X Factor and immediately enmeshed in the controversy over the memo.

Posted anonymously last week and purporting to be from a Sony Music insider, it claimed that the twelve-year old had been secretly signed to Syco for over two years before entering the competition, in contravention with competition rules.

It also said that Parke's voice had been trained and that the youngster had been prepped and styled to look like a younger Justin Bieber so that he would win the competion.

Cowell used his platform on the TV show to roundly dismiss the claims Friday night, which he said were damaging to the reputation of the show he has launched around the world.

"There has been an allegation made in the papers - not in the papers actually but on the internet by somebody - that Ronan Parke had a previous recording contract with my record label and that I had met him beforehand, both of which are complete and utter lies."

Cowell went on to deny all the allegations made and said that the competion had been entirely fair.

"This is a deliberate smear campaign and it is my job to ensure that whoever this liar is is exposed and that this kid is treated the same way as everyone else."

However, some industry sources have suggested that the entire episode was cooked up to boost media attention and audiences for the show.