Simon Cowell Tell-All Book: 5 Things to Know About 'Sweet Revenge'

The unauthorized biography hit U.S. bookstores on Tuesday and reveals many eye-opening bits about the TV and music producer.

There are very few things that could make the usually confident Simon Cowell express fear publicly. But a new tell-all book on the TV and music magnate may have done just that.

“Just seen the TV ad for the unauthorized book on me. Yikes!” he tweeted. And thus the national excitement for what the book may expose about Cowell was stoked.

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Here are 5 things to know about Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell.

1. It may be unauthorized, but Cowell did contribute some of its findings. Written by British journalist and biographer Tom Bower, the bio is unique in that the writer spent several hours speaking to Cowell on his private jet, in his Los Angeles home and on his yacht against the advice of his publicist, according to the AP. Beyond that, Cowell made the writer work a bit for parts of his life story and even forbade some associates and friends from speaking to Bower.

"He clearly wanted his story told properly, but there are parts he didn't want told and it was up to me to find out about them," Bower said.

2. Cowell was motivated by his lack of credit for co-creating the Idol talent competition format with Simon Fuller. According to Bower, Cowell had co-created a show called Pop Idol – which would be considered the beta for American Idol – along with Fuller, but didn’t get the credit and subsequently settled the matter out of court. The anger over that would lead him to create Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor UK.

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3. Cowell likes playing the field. According to the book, Cowell is clearly not gay. In fact, he may like the ladies too much. He isn’t interested in long-term relationships. The book includes a brief romance with The X Factor UK judge Dannii Minogue. Also it pays to be one of his exes, as the writer describes the producer giving at least two of them multi-million dollar homes. “He likes women who are uninhibited, uncomplicated, a bit trashy,” Bower said on NBC’s Today.

4. He has quite the beauty and health regimen. The book reveals that Cowell gets monthly colonics, takes a multitude of vitamin supplements and gets botox injections twice a year. "It simply works," Cowell said according to Bower, adding, "You do it twice a year. Who cares? And it balances my smoking and drinking."

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5. He predicted Stacy Francis would win The X Factor’s first season. During auditions for the show, he tells Bower that he believed the then 42-year-old singer would win the competition. And if she didn't, who was his second choice? On the other side of the age spectrum, he thought Rachel Crow would take the prize.

“Both backstories are special,” he said according to the book, “I’ll be worried if the audience doesn’t get to thirty million plus.” Of course, none of those three things actually happened.