Simon Cowell's Very Big Trailer

Michael Becker/Fox

Have you seen those dressing rooms?" grouses Simon Cowell. "The shiny floor, no windows … I've got to be honest, they're the worst I've ever seen." The X Factor creator is referring to the 12-by-12 standard-issue CBS Television City box he called home on American Idol for seven years (former judge Kara DioGuardi described her room as a "utility closet"). He eventually graduated to a trailer parked on the lot, a predecessor to the 40-ton, two-story, 1,100-square-foot behemoth he's renting this year. Its purpose: to host meetings and provide a private wardrobe and makeup area. Indeed, Cowell spends as many as six days a week in what he considers a "fully fledged working office," sometimes till as late as 11 p.m. "It's like Pimp My Trailer," says Cowell. No kidding. THR got an exclusive look inside. -- Shirley Halperin

The Kitchen: Among the items Cowell keeps stocked: ginger tea, fresh fruit, crudite, Sierra Mist and, of course, plenty of Pepsi. Not pictured: the Sub-Zero refrigerator.

Second Floor: The upstairs of the massive structure allows Cowell to house multiple events at the same time. For privacy, he need only touch a button and a glass divider goes opaque.

The Makeup Area: Applying Cowell's light foundation only takes about five minutes, but if he gets bored during the process, he can press a button for a television set to pop out.

The Bar: The bar area flowers are changed once a week, in time for rehearsals on Sunday or Monday. Also pictured: one of three 60-plus-inch 3D TVs with a live feed to the X Factor studio.

The Leather: All the walls and ceiling are super-soft Italian ultra leather, and the windows are treated with a solar tinted glass and Agron-filled thermal unit that reduce the A/C load by 23 percent.

The Mirrored Ceiling: The LED-lit mirror adorns the ceiling, which, when the trailer is expanded, can reach 16 feet 8 inches. In travel position, it's 3 feet shorter.

The Woodwork: From floor to ceiling, all of the wood in the trailer was refinished in Italy with 20 coats of hand-rubbed finish.

The Lounge: Some 26 speakers adorn the walls of the trailer, which is manufactured by Florida-based Anderson Mobile Estates. All of the custom windows have full electric shades, which are controlled by AMX touch screens positioned throughout the space.