Simon Killer

Lisa Tomasetti

This drama about a young American whose worst instincts are unleashed during a stay in Paris endeavors to entice with details of the seedy underworld of Pigalle but is a turnoff. Writer-director Campos, noted for his 2008 directorial debut Afterschool, has acknowledged the influence of French crime novelist Georges Simenon on these dirty doings in the less-savory parts of Paris. But there are echoes as well of Patricia Highsmith's Tom Ripley in the deceptions of Simon, played with unmodulated seediness by Brady Corbet. Wrote Todd McCarthy: "There is little to compensate for the cold and nasty nature of Simon Killer, an unpalatable Franco-American entree one would like to send back to wherever it came from. Likely to be rated NC-17 if it ever gets to that point, this latest effort by the production group behind last year's big Sundance attraction Martha Marcy May Marlene will find meager traction stateside." 

Director: Antonio Campos