Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Sigourney Weaver Delight Fans At London Premiere of 'Paul'

The trio walked the purple carpet in London's Leicester Square signing autographs for screaming fans in alien masks.


LONDON --Simon Pegg and Nick Frost told the Press Association how they enjoyed a road trip of America together and watched hours of science fiction films to get inspiration for their sci-fi spoof Paul.

Pegg said: "We did the road trip initially as a way of getting a free holiday out of Universal but it was an incredibly inspiring time and a lot of what happened on that trip, we fed into the script. It was a great adventure."

Frost added: "It is work but you're also with your best mate, Sigourney Weaver's there and you're driving an RV in the desert and it's beautiful and the food's great too."

Weaver, who plays the head of the federal agency pursuing the alien was delighted to send up science fiction movies.

She said: "I just love comedy more than anything, and to have a comedy that also takes on the history of aliens and their influence on culture in such a sweet way, and in such a witty way, I think it's the perfect movie, I really do."