'The Simpsons' Mentions Arnold Palmer in a Season-Premiere Coincidence

The Simpsons Still  - H 2016

Showrunner Al Jean says it was too late to cut the joke, involving the golfer who died Sunday, from air.

In a bizarre coincidence, Arnold Palmer was discussed on the 28th-season premiere of The Simpsons on Sunday night. The golf legend died earlier in the day. He was 87.

Episodes of the iconic cartoon are produced months in advance, so the mention of the late golfer was not a last-minute addition.

In the bit, Homer tells Marge he plans on filling up a Super Soaker with an Arnold Palmer mixture to shoot at a friend. He then talks about the golfer and explains the Arnold Palmer drink. 

Showrunner Al Jean tweeted Sunday he was saddened to learn of Palmer's death. He also responded to a fan asking if the mention would be removed for the West Coast airing out of respect.  

"Of course I wish I could, but it's too late. One [of] the all-time greats in any sport." Jean tweeted. 

Watch the segment below: