'The Simpsons' among Prism honorees

"Michael Clayton," "Georgia Rule" among film recipients

"Michael Clayton," "Georgia Rule" and "You Kill Me" were honored Thursday in the feature film categories of this year's Prism Awards, which recognize movies and TV shows for accurate depictions of mental health and substance abuse issues.

Warner Bros.' "Michael Clayton" received a bipolar disorder depiction award; "Georgia," from Universal and Morgan Creek Prods., won as a wide-release feature; and "You Kill Me" -- distributed by IFC Films for Code Entertainment, Baum Echo Lake Rosenman and Bipolar Prods. -- prevailed in a new category for limited-release films.

Shows honored in TV categories included ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," Fox's "The Simpsons" and NBC's "ER." The Larry Stewart Award for leadership and inspiration to industry peers colleagues was presented to Dr. Drew Pinsky, who teamed with VH1 to create "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew" and "Celebrity Rehab Reunion."

Winners were feted at an awards gala Thursday night at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The Prism Awards are staged by the nonprofit Entertainment Industries Council in collaboration with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the FX network.

"The record-breaking number of submissions indicates how seriously the entertainment industry views their responsibility to include accurate depictions of addiction and other health issues in films and TV shows," EIC chief Brian Dyak said.

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Feature film, wide release
"Georgia Rule"

Feature film, limited release
"You Kill Me"

Performance in a feature film
Casey Affleck, "Gone Baby Gone"

Comedy series episode
"The Simpsons," "Crook and Ladder"

Comedy series multi-episode story line
"Tyler Perry's House of Payne," episodes: "More Than Meets the Eye"; "Busted"; "No Money, Mo' Problems"; "Just Say No"; "Surprise, Surprise"

Performance in a comedy series
James Denton, "Desperate Housewives"

Drama episode
"Grey's Anatomy," "Love/Addiction"

Performance in a drama series episode
Ben Vereen, "Grey's Anatomy"

Drama series multi-episode story line
"ER," episodes: "Gravity"; "Under the Influence"; "The Test"; "Blackout"; "Coming Home"; "Skye's the Limit"; "300 Patients"

Performance in a drama series multi-episode story line
Dave Annable, "Brothers & Sisters"
Sally Field, "Brothers & Sisters"

Daytime drama story line
"One Life to Live"

TV movie or miniseries
"Life Support"

Performance in a TV movie or miniseries
Andrea Bowen, "Girl Positive"
Jennie Garth, "Girl Positive"

Teen program
"I Won't Love You to Death: The Story of Mario and His Mom"

Children's program
"That's So Raven," "Where There is Smoke"

Talk show episode
"The View"

News magazine segment
"ESPN Outside the Lines," "Rod Beck"

Documentary program
"The Addiction Project," specials: "Addiction: The Documentary"; "What is Addiction?"; "Understanding Relapse"; "The Search for Treatment: A Challenging Journey"; "The Adolescent Addict"; "An Interview With Nora Volkow, MD"; "An Interview With Mark Willenring"; "An Interview With Michael Dennis"; "An Interview With Kathleen Brady"; "Getting an Addict Into Treatment: The CRAFT Approach"; "Treating Stimulant Addiction: The CBT Approach"; "Opiate Addiction: Understanding Replacement Therapy"; "South Boston Drug Court"; "A Mother's Desperation"; "A Revolving Door"; "Montana Meth"; "Cracked Not Broken"

Biographical program
"E! True Hollywood Story," "The Osbournes"

Unscripted nonfiction program
"Intervention: Season 3"
"Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is," "Episode #2"

Original DVD
"Bevel Up: Drugs, Users and Outreach Nursing"

Music recording
"Trail of Light"

Comic book story line
"These Things Ain't Gonna Smoke Themselves"

Interactive media

Outstanding Public Service Project
"CBS Cares"

Mental Health Depiction Award
"The Sopranos, episodes: "The Second Coming"; "The Blue Comet"

Bipolar Disorder Depiction Award
"Michael Clayton"

Film festival
Bobby Dogs