'Simpsons' stamps en route

Postal Service unveils a sneak peek

NEW YORK -- "Simpsons" fans can now get the first peek at upcoming stamps featuring Homer, Marge & Co. The U.S. Postal Service unveiled the designs Thursday morning.

The stamps will be available nationwide on May 7.

"This is the biggest and most adhesive honor 'The Simpsons' has ever received," said creator and executive producer Matt Groening.

Executive producer James Brooks quipped: "We are emotionally moved by the Post Office Department's selecting us rather than making the lazy choice of someone who has benefited society."

The Postal Service is encouraging people to vote for their favorite "Simpsons" character on its Web site. On the site, fans also can preorder the 44-cent first-class stamps and register for a sweepstakes for a limited edition "Simpsons" poster signed by Groening.

Elie Dekel, executive vp at Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising, said the previously announced stamps are a key part of the show's 20th anniversary celebration. "'The Simpsons' is more than just a television show, it's an American institution," he said. "These stamps help solidify this legacy." D'oh!

David Failor, U.S. Postal Service executive director of stamp services, also predicted a benefit for his organization. "Issuing 'The Simpsons' stamps, which includes known philatelist Bart Simpson, will serve as a great opportunity to interest youngsters into stamp collecting."

All the stamp designs are available beginning on the next page.

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