Simultaneous Multi-Platform Film Festival Kicks Off in Madrid

Films will screen simultaneously in theater, on IPTV and website.

MADRID - Billed as the world's first simultaneous, multi-platform online film festival the 2nd CineOnline will hit the big screen Thursday night in Madrid with Luis Sanchez Alba's Diamond Inside, while available at the same time through Filmotech website online and in video-on-demand via Orange's IPTV offer in Spain.

Six films will screen in this edition, which sees the fledgling Spanish film festival backed by Filmotech add the screening in a theater in Madrid, with that of video-on-demand, to transform from an online festival to a multi-platform one.

"It's a great way to show these smaller films that have had difficulty accessing the exhibition circuit and this year we offer-- as a new addition-- a range of windows to see the films," said festival director and chief Juan Alia.

Last year's CineOnline festival posted 85,300 hits with 20,000 viewings in last year's first edition. A similar Latin American festival, organized by Filmotech in April of this year, boasted 127,000 hits with 30,000 screenings, which organizers are expecting to be more indicative of this month's event.

Filmotech, the legal content portal of the rights holders' entity EGEDA, looks to fight Spain's rampant piracy--in part--with these kinds of initiatives.

"It's an effort to create a different business model. We offer it to the consumer for free, but the producers are paid according to market rates by companies that see the benefit for public relations, marketing or other purposes."

Spanish department store chain El Corte Ingles' culture department backs the festival.

Films in the official section include: Yonay Boix and Pol Aregall's Amanecidos, Raya Martin's Buenas Noches Espana, Jonathon Cenzual's El alma de las Moscas, Alfonso Amador's Enxaneta and Adan Aliaga's La Mujer del Eternauta.

The festival, which runs through July 29, will award 2,500 euros ($3,050) to the winner, along with an airing on TCM's Canal Autor.


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