Sinead O'Connor Angry With Ireland's 'Late Late Show' For Calling Her 'Insane'

Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images

After publicly expressing her desire for sex, the Irish singer says the popular talk show just wanted her on as “some crazy performing monkey.”

Sinead O'Connor has declared she will never again appear on Ireland's very popular Late Late Show after a researcher for the program asked her a series of questions she found "rude, patronizing, insulting and disrespectful" and said "that since I suffer from depression do I not think its insane behaviour to be talking publicly about sex."

The Irish singer grabbed international media attention with a blog post on her official site bemoaning her lack of a love life and urging a "sex-starved" man to contact her. She also threatened to do unseemly things to fruits and vegetables if her needs for a mate were not met.

In advance of her upcoming Friday appearance on Late Late Show, the world's longest-running talk show by the same broadcaster, O'Connor published an open letter to host Ryan Tubridy in the Irish Sunday Independent further discussing her sexual needs. (A considerably dirtier version went up on her website).

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But now O'Connor has called off her TV appearance and stated that she never appear on Late Late Show again. In a new blog post, she writes, "I will never as long as I live, consider appearing on the late late show again. And I might add that no apology or act of respect has been issued by either the presenter of the show, nor any one in a leading position on the show. I am tired of all this 'sinead is crazy' crap. Its a disgrace. It has caused me enormous pain in my life as an artist and has many times led me to consider ending my life."

She then says that it's her four children that have prevented her from committing suicide.

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She goes on, stating, "If anyone connected with the Late Late Show had even the remotest thought that my having fun and talking about sex was a symptom of a mental illness then it would have been very exploitative of them to have me on the show as some crazy performing monkey."

Meanwhile, O'Connor's hunt for a man continues. She stopped the search over the weekend, but then resumed it when the possible winner revealed he had a pregnant girlfriend.