Sinead O'Connor Says She Never Wants to "Spend Time With White People Again"

sinead o'connor - Getty - H 2018
Bobby Bank/Getty Images

The singer explained why in a self-proclaimed "racist" rant on Twitter.

Sinead O'Connor on Tuesday took to social media to let it be known that she has no interest in associating with white people anymore. The Irish singer, who recently converted to Islam and now goes by the name Shuhada Davitt, explained why in a self-proclaimed "racist" tweet.

"I’m terribly sorry. What I’m about to say is something so racist I never thought my soul could ever feel it. But truly I never wanna spend time with white people again (if that’s what non-muslims are called)," the 51-year-old tweeted. "Not for one moment, for any reason. They are disgusting."

In a follow-up tweet, O'Connor blasted Twitter for censoring hate speech: "Interesting to see if Twitter bans this when it allows people like Trump and Milbank spew the satanic filth upon even my country."

O'Connor — a longtime critic of the Catholic Church who infamously ripped up a photo of Pope John Paul II during a Saturday Night Live performance in 1992 — went on to say that holy books like the Bible are now "irrelevant."

"There is no more talk of ancient violence in the Q’ran as the Tanukh, the Bible or The sodding [Mahabharata]. And its ALL EQUALLY [IRRELEVANT] TO OUR TIMES," she wrote, adding the hashtag "#ReignOfWhiteMANover."

O'Connor then added one "final word." She wrote: "Final word. If its 'Crazy' to care. Then by all means, spank my ass and call me Fruity loops : )"