Singapore: Cambodia's Two Rivers Making Horror Movie About Selfies

Singapore MBS H 2014
AP Images/Invision

The producers said the film will co-star former MTV VJ Richard Herrar and make gory fun of our "me, me, me" obsessed times

Singaporean production outfit Oh Lucky Me Films and Cambodian firm Two Rivers will co-produce a horror feature built around the "me, me, me syndrome" of "selfie obsession," the two companies announced at the Singapore Media Festival. The film will be directed by Mikael Teo and co-produced by Advent Media Group, a regional media producing and financing company based out of Singapore.

"The story evolves around three models that [sic] find themselves in paranormal situations on top of their own individual emotional struggles while navigating the tough social media and fashion scene in Asia," according to Advent. It said it will juxtapose narcissistic selfie dependence "against self-acceptance and self worth."

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My goal is to make audiences around the global 'rupture their bladders' while laughing or covering their eyes, and make our investors happy," said Teo.

The confirmed cast thus far includes German-born regional TV host Carla Dunareanu and ex-MTV vj Richard Herrera.

The shoot will begin in January 2015 in Singapore and Cambodia. Justin Deimen of Advent Media Group said: “We’re looking to bridge worlds and sensibilities with films like this. There are so many viable and financeable high-concept stories in this region that are still untapped."

Producer Tan Ying Han added, "A big story with strong emotional underbelly has been attracting investors to Selfie in a short time."