Singapore: China to Co-Produce Silk Road TV Series

Marina Bay Sands Singapore - H 2013

Marina Bay Sands Singapore - H 2013

Singaporean outfit IFA Media, best known for 'Monster Fish' on Nat Geo Wild and 'Grace' for HBO Asia, is co-producing the show

Singaporean TV company IFA Media has partnered with the China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC) to co-produce a new five-episode documentary series Crossroads: The Silk Road.

Shot in China, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Russia, the show will recount the history of the Silk Road—which played a pivotal role in the exchange of knowledge and trade between the East and West in the ancient world—and explore how this corridor is re-emerging as a vital trade link in contemporary times.

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"Modernization is breathing new life into the old pathways, placing the Eurasian hinterland on the verge of a transformation," said the companies in a joint announcement at the Singapore Media Festival Tuesday. "From the building of new transport highways to the exchange of goods and culture, this new landmark series travels the route to experience the resurgence of the Silk Road today," they added.

IFA Media is one of Singapore's top factual and drama producers. The company co-produced Monster Fish for National Geographic Wild USA, as well as the recent horror drama series Grace for HBO Asia.

Founded in 1994, CICC is China's longest-running documentary company specializing in co-productions.

Crossroads: The Silk Road is the third collaboration between CICC and IFA Media, following The Chinese Hajj for National Geographic and Rebuilding Sichuan for Discovery Channel Asia.

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